Monday, May 30, 2016

My Man Percy

Happy happy Memorial Day!! I hope it is treatin you all too good:) Everyone here is havin quite the party today on the bay, were going to go contact them all tonight so its almost like we were invited:)
Haha ohhhh this week. It twas a goodie. The majority of this week was just straight exhausting with little luck. We had appointments all day last P-Day.. needless to say i now understand the importance of one!! We were draggin and just burnt out. OH my lanz there were so many times we just had to just stop and just breathe! HOWEVER!! The COOLEST thing happened this weekend!!

So we were going through the potentials/past contacts and calling them, and came across a guy named Percy Jackson and we thought for sure the missionaries who met him got played. Haha we called him and HE WAS SO COOL. We drove over to his tailor and he is just your lil, black, jesus, lovin man. He has a life size cross in his yard that says "JESUS IS D WAY."  
We got talking to him and he was telling us all about his misty, warm and wet revelations.. I lost him a few times.. but sounded sweet. Hahah anywho, he just loves God and Jesus SO much. An hour into trying to teach him the Restoration we hadn't even made it to the part about Joseph Smith. Sister Redfearn had had it because you totally run into people down here who just want to preach to you! So she gave him the pamphlet and Book of Mormon and we bounced. 
Later that day he called us! I answered it and said "Whats going on Percy!?" And he replied "I read the pamplet and the Introduction of the Book and Morioni, and I KNOW THAT THERE IS  TRUTH IN THIS." He went on to tell me the spirit he felt and that he knew it wasn't fate we came to see him that day! He was just so excited. All i could say was YES! YES! You are right! 
It was the light of hope in a down right trying week! I hope you all are reading, i know i can feel a difference in my days when i read and when i don't! I love you all with everything i am!! I pray for you all daily. 

Sending sooooo much love coming your way from Fairhope,

Sister Jackson

The new crew

These lil guys are everywhere! I chased this one all over some mans lawn the other night.
 Alsoooo cheers to the beginning of summer over here and getting hot, humid and sweaty pictures from Sister Jackson for the next 6 months:) 

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