Monday, May 9, 2016

A little pick-me-up

Hey Hey Fam!! It was SO good to see all your happy faces yesterday!! Haha sorry I balled my eyes out at the end... I promise by Christmas I'll have my act together:) How I LOVE YOU ALL. After i hung up i slowly remembered all these things i wanted to tell you but spaced completely. 

Last week we got a referral for a super cool girl who is like 30 and is in rehab because she just got her leg amputated. We went and met her and talked to her for a bit and she is Type 1 and so I was able to reach her perfectly! And was able to tie the Gospel into everything like I never have before! It was the first time out here that I truly felt called to this area!! 

I am grateful to be here. My soul is growing. Truly. God is becoming more real to me. My belief in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is shifting slowly but surely! Last week after teaching family history, something neat happened. I could feel the spirit seeping into me and by the time i was walking out of the library i was almost in tears because i felt a glimpse of the reality of God, Christ and HIS gospel. My heart was SO FULL with hope and faith it was absolutely profound. I have never felt the spirit so beautifully in my entire life, than i did in that short moment. 

In our day to day life we all have our experiences and heartaches and trials that we fight through. But more importantly we all have experiences heartaches and trails that we fight to overcome within ourselves. Being on a mission every emotion is so raw and meaningful. The good, the misery, the love, the frustration, the loneliness, the joy, all of them. Because you are able to learn from them. You are able to teach yourself on the daily!

I love and appreciate you all so dang much! Keep reading, keep praying, keep loving! You guys are the best team! I am seriously the luckiest lil sister mish alive:) 

xoxo Sister Jackson

I have knocked on this door at least 37 times haha.We teach their dad! 
There are 8 lil girls all from different moms.

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