Monday, June 6, 2016

It's a Good Life Over Here

Hello Hello my favorite people! Y'all are as good as they come:) Truly!!
I just want to share the joys in the rough this week....

I told you all about Jesus lovin Percy last week! Ah my heart. How I love him. He had us call him on Sunday at 730 to wake him up to come to church. I was overjoyed when he answered and said in his tired lil voice that he was up and gettin ready to come. 9:05 IN WALKS PERCY. He looked absolutely bewildered haha but had his white shirt on cross pins and all. Honestly i am sure he was taken back by the fact that he was in a sea of white people. I was just praying that he would stay, over and over again. It was the coolest thing to help him take the sacrament and hear him sing our hymns. Hahaha what happened next is something that just made my entire existence full of COMPLETE JOY.

 It was fast and testimony meeting and after i explained to him what every one was doing, he turned to me in his deep, raspy voice and said " I LOVEEE to testify." Ah, i wish you all could meet him. And before we knew it he was wandering through the isles up to the front. Both Sister Redfearn and I just looked at each other. Hah Percy is so awesome but he has some pretty crazy encounters with god and lights and such that i'm sure not everyone would appreciate..!! He is also known to talk for insane amounts of time.He went up and just stood next to the lady bearing her testimony, it wasn't untill someone on the stand invited him that he sat down to finish her out. Hahah needless to say he was sooo awesome. He gave a great testimony of God and Jesus and his love for everyone there and the "two ladies in the back". The spirit was there as he talked about his yearning for more knowledge and truth. I was just like a proud lil momma. After Sacrament we then ran him to the bathroom because of this 3 cups of coffee from that morning. Everyone was touched by his words! The sacrament and the sunday service that we attend each week has never meant more to me then when i am able to share it with friends like Percy!

That night we were able to contact on the Pier at Sunset! Oh my lanz the Pier is rockin and rollin now that schools out. We were at the end of the pier and some kids our age came and started Singing and Playing the Uke. We eventually joined in and life was SO good. Good music and beautiful scenes make me one happy girl. It was one of those moments where you are able to just exist and be present. Life needs so many more moments like that! SO so many more. One of my favorite nights thus far on the mish!!

I Love you all so much. Keep reaching out to God. I know I sound like a hard core cliche missionary but i mean it! Just as Jesus Christ pleaded with the Father "why has thou forsaken me" We too have to have times in our lifes were we will feel a lack of his communication and or love. If Jesus Christ experienced it, we will too. Keep reaching. Keep reading. Keep praying. 
So much love, 
Sister Jackson:)

Take a look at what steals my heart every time:)

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