Monday, May 2, 2016

Nado Watch

Hey hey my favorite people!! I can't tell you HOW good it is to hear about all the fun and cool things going on over there! It raises my spirits:) 

This week was literally all over the place! I'll just share a few moments!

Sister Williams took us to the beach/pier again and brought her wine bottles to throw into the ocean. We shoved Resto pamphlets and cards in them cus #missionary and set them free! Haha we are expecting some phone calls and baptisms shortly;) 

Also the storms and clouds here are INSANE. One day a lady canceled on us because she didn't want to go outside and told us not to leave. But clearly we still had too! The clouds here move sooooo fast its unreal. Or spin in circles, which freaked us out a lil bit but here i am writing home so:)

We also had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders in Milton, Florida this week! Which was dopeee! It was cool to teach and do the whole mish thing with Sister Carter who is the happiest person you will meet! She reminds me of a Samoan Sara Jackson:) Every house you go into down here is somethin eles! Ha i taught the most distracted resto lesson thus far out here all ( lessons in the mtc are nothin like the field) We sat on a little screened in porch with three dogs and two of her daughters (dad i thought of you because one of them looks identical to the lil trailor girl off of Christmas Vacation) running in and out all while she (who was on pain meds at the time) sat and smoked 2 cigarettes. The whole thing was just comical, she stood up and got Sister Carter a fan because she was choking over all the smoke. And as i was recalling Joseph Smiths prayer she just answers the phone and talked for a few mintues. ALSO THE FAMILY PICS HERE KILL ME. Everyone has these just awesome family photos hanging up that look like the ones that you would see as memes or in a Walmart Calendar hahah. One house i just sat there thinking what socially acceptable thing could i say to take a pic of there family... i obviously never did.

Saturday we did service almost the entire day. We cleaned up a non-members yard and i now have all these weird bites all over me, i was just praying that they aren't anything crazy! And then we tracted a lil got dropped by one of my fav investigators:( and ended up cleaning out a lady in the wards house till 10 o'clock! Ha we are suppose to be in by 930 at the latest but she wanted to take us to get mexican food after to say thank you for helping her the afternoon and evening, but her son called on a rage cus of his girl friend so she left to talk to him! So here was sister Lehman and I just chillan at some mexican restaurant by ourselves past curfew haha. I honestly am growing to LOVE service! I sat there 5 hours into this ladies house thinking that if this was even just a few months ago at home i would be bored and exhausted and wanting to push it off till another day haha. But this wasn't the case and that rocks!

Other than that my week has just been up and down! We weren't able to get out all week because of some issues, and of course there are always low times but i got the chance to get up and introduce myself/bear testimony this Sunday and the spirit of this ward is awesome. Most of them are converts which makes it a totally different experience!

I sure do love and miss you all WITH MY WHOLE HEART! I truly do feel and appreciate the prayers! I feel blessed beyond belief. 

xoxo Sister Jackson
Sis Carter on Exchanges!

Sis Carter on Exchanges!

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