Monday, May 2, 2016

Fairhope Lovin

My dearest fam! How in the heck are all of you!? I loved the Pics of Finn haha HE IS ALREADY SO GROWN UP! GOSH. Dad sent me some hard copies as well so he can be looked at daily;) This week was all just up and down.. literally as well! We have been biking A LOT this week! And Fairhope is all hills so needless to say I have one sore bum. It is all just extreme! It is either hotter than Hades or just raining buckets! A mish is spiritually, and emotionally hard and its now become physically hard as well! To be honest though i feel like i am more invested in every lesson because it was a testing trek to even get to them!! Literally I think every single appointment fell through this week besides one. So we have just been finding, finding, finding! 

One of my favorite things about the south is the overwhelming love for Jesus. Our ward is so interesting because the majority of the members are converts. There is an older couple ( the Williams) who are just your typical southern, red neck, HALLELUJAH praisin people who got baptized about a month ago! They are stellar and literally their entire lives now only consist of the gospel and helpin the missionaries! We brought them to a girls house who we read the bible to who has disabilities last Wednesday! She was having nightmares and wanted a blessing from the elders. During the blessing Doug or Bro Williams was sitting next to the girl getting the blessing. I was sitting there with my eyes closed listening to the blessing and slowing Doug started rattling his fists on the table and started breathing EXTREMELY DEEPLY. He then started mumbling louder and louder until what was his own personal prayer was just as loud as the blessing! Hahah i guess that is how the spirit takes over in Him! However, it is so NEAT to see peoples complete and unshakable faith in god and Jesus Christ.
It is incredible! God is ALL i have often in my days here! I want to strengthen that relationship because I NEED HIM. I often find myself exhausted walking or biking in the heat, and my comp won't be talking to me, and the doors are slamming, and people are fighting the gospel with anything you could possibly imagine, with anti-all over the freakin place, and i just am PLEADING with God to help me! With strength to understand why i am here and why this gospel is for everyone! I am having to learn how He speaks to me and how to truly rely on him as if he were right here with me, because honestly my testimony has not had to be this real until now! 

We talked to a man on the pier last night who didn't believe in god and was very apprehensive and cold towards us. In just those 15 minutes i could see how his heart had softened! He just wanted to be HEARD! He felt the spirit that night and it is people like him that keep me moving forward!
This gospel will bless you and fill you, if you let it! Fighting doubts and fears Christ will reach you when your heart is in complete humility. I love my Savior and I love you all!

I couldn't do this with out you and your prayers! They sure do reach me! I feel blessed beyond belief solely 
XOXO Sis Jackson:)

This is after we biked home in the pouring rain. I almost went down a few times with all the water on the roads hahah ah the joys.

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