Monday, May 23, 2016

New Day New Area

Hello Once again my Lovely Peeps!! So much has happened sense we talked last! 

First off Sister Lehman said her goodbyes and is now in a trio is Bristle and I Welcomed Sister Redfearn to goood ol' Fairhope Alabama:) Sister Redfearn is super cool! She's is from Virginia but went to Utah State before the mish! She loves academics and is very very on top of everything!! I am already learning  a lot:) We get along just great though because we are both really easy going which is the absolute BEST. Holy heck, we are honestly like we are white washing this area. Because i have only been here 6 weeks! There is so much that needs to be done so we are starting from square one and just pulling apart the area and working hard to get it to where it needs to be! I feel like who i am as a missionary has already changed in this past week from leading our companionship with the knowledge that i do know! Needless to say we come home exhausted every night(surprising huh;)). 
We got a call from Sis Red's dad yesterday and have had some hard things happen but are getting on our feet again. You learn from so so many parts of the mission out side of the actual missionary work. It is cool to see the hand of the Lord is so many lives and the strength that he TRULY offers. It is unique in everyone's life but it is THERE. 

Keep praying and reading, i love you all so much!! I am one lucky Sister Missionary because of you:) 

xoxo Sister Jackson

Took this in honor of comp unity with sis Leh (we stopped everywhere that she ever had wanted to take pics by, on her way out of here)

Evan’s family 

Hahah so when we were tracting an area we stopped to take a picture in the beauts of this field.. I wasn't long before i noticed i had stopped in a gosh darn  RED ANT VILLAGE.

Moments before my feet completely swelled with red and purple bites. My shoes are still uncomfortable, anything for the pic right?

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