Monday, May 16, 2016

Reaching the Gators!

Hey my dear fam! I always always love hearing from y'all! Monday are thee greatest:) 
Honestly this week was just another week in the life! We had another zone training all about turning to god for answers and not the internet and other sources, it was really great and needed! 
We did lots of service this week!! We went and helped with the food bank and I was able to talk to a 15 year old girl who seemed a little uneasy and unsure i guess you could say. I got talking to her and about her family situations and just her life, and i was like i know this is so cliche because i am a missionary but.. and just gave her a little snippet of the gospel and how it could totally help her too! She is out of my area so i gave her info to the elders over there! But she followed me around the rest of the night and we became good friends:) It was one of those nights where when i left i just felt blessed to be here. I am able to do more good and help and bring love into more life's than i ever could have at home! 

I also swept off a less actives roof this morning and did some good quality yard work:)
SO last night we got the call and Sister Lehman is getting transferred on Wednesday! We have been through a lot together and I can honestly say I completely love her! She will be great in her new area. I am kinda stressed because now i have a trainer coming into an area she's never been and I feel like i barely know these people hahah. There are SO SO many people and back grounds with potentials and less actives and investigators that it just straight overwhelms me. Ha sister Lehman told me last night" I just have so much info in my head that you don't have" hahahah so this will be good!!!

A member took us to ALLIGATOR ALLEY today! I have never seen so many gators in my life. You just walk around on lil gated platforms and feed them all. It was a good time:) 

I love you all so so much!!! Keep reading, Keep praying, God is so good. Thanks for being the best team:) 

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