Sunday, April 24, 2016


HELLO MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! I hope everything is going good and the life in the west is treating you well! This week was one of those just hard missionary weeks. Where you just pray to make it through the days! And here i am:) 

We had zone training on Tuesday which rocked to have something new in the schedule. The Sisters from Toxey came the night before and we had a slumber party in our living room! The four of us are the only Sisters in our zone! Sister Lahmen my comp was super stressed the night before because she was suppose to teach. And right before she was suppose to go up she turned to me and asked if i would teach it with her. Hahaha so i actually taught my very first zone conference! All went welllll:) 

In the south there are so many crazy and intersting people where i find myself thinking "How did you get to where you are today?'' hahah. Even the members! We had dinner one night at this families home. (All homes in the south are just piled with random stuff EVERYWHERE. A lot of them wreak of cat pee too.) So we found a place to sit and Brother Foy starts talking to us. Eventually it got very serious and informed us that he had received notion that a second civil war was going to happen November of this year. And that a letter will be read in church from the 1st Pres. calling all members to the rocky mountains. We asked a lot of questions and when Sis Lahmen asked what will happen to those members who don't go to the rockies? Sis Foy said "OHHH lets not talk about that, and upset our stomachs for dinner". Hahah i asked what about us the missionaries? And he said we will be sent home in June! So I'LL see Y'all Real Sooon!!! CHEERS. 

I can see myself fighting for conviction everyday. And it is always subtle but i do feel God with me at times. Like when we were walking to a less actives home I felt the impression with a certain house. I ignored it and kept going. On the way back we passed that house again and I asked Sis Lehman if we could just knock this door. It was a tired looking black man who literally just let us right in. It was too easy. We set an appointment to go back and teach him and his wife this week end. When we walked out we both were just like WHATTT.

It isn't all that good though as i am sure you could guess. Out of the people we do get an appointment with its seriously like 1 out of 25 that keep it! And I am so used to not being let in that when I do and we are suppose to teach I don't know what heckkk im doing haha. I taught a wretchedddd Resto lesson to a young black couple. I just had to laugh afterwards! But i am getting better slowly and surely.

I am just living the life down here! Me and my comp are still figuring out how to work together. I often times don't understand her and her reactions to things. She just needs love. Maybe a lot of love. And all I can do is pray! She says the cloudy weather also makes her more grumpy and depressed and its been cloudy alll week. So pray for some good ol' SUNSHINE:) 

Anyways!! I love and miss you all everyday! I am thee LUCKIEST human alive to have the family that i do! So much dang love!

Sister Jackson:)

This is one of the ladies that we just read the Book of Mormon to:)

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