Monday, May 1, 2017

The Good Life.

Hello! Loads of tender mercies this week. I went up to Fox Run this week to do an Exchange with Sister Johnson who is awesome. UWF (University of Western Florida) is up there and they do family history booths on campus there. Gosh nothing is better than proselyting on a College Campus with your peers. I could do it all day! 

Sister Shank and I trained at our Zone Conference this week on a tool that helps you set goals for baptisms. The conference was remarkable. It is always refreshing after weeks of work to be around missionaries who are doing the same thing in a spiritually filling environment! I LOVE my mission. For more than just the homeless men you find behind warehouses who show you all their scars:) I want to tell you 2 quick moments this week that make it all worth it. 

FIRST we all went to the bishops store house to help hand out food to people. There was one lady that i was talking to who was visibly shaken a bit and struggling. After she left in the swarm of people I had the small impression to go find her. Sister Shank and I went out to the parking lot and all i said was "I just wanted to come give you a hug." She had no idea who i was but just hugged me and sobbed. Saying she hates having to do this (come here). Amidst a whole slur of trials i felt such gratitude to have the opportunity to commend her for strength she possess and testify of better things to come.

SECOND as we were driving home yesterday and pulled over when we saw a guy working construction on a house. We walked over and at first he said im busy but as we got talking it turned into a 35 min lesson/discussion on where we came from, why we are here,  where we are going, and role Jesus Christ plays. Hahah he had some wild ideas and philosophies but really AWESOME questions. Nothing makes my days as a missionary happier than to be able to testify to anyone about simple truths that bring meaning and understanding. It is thee best.

Jesus Christ did a whole lot more than just die for us. This week i have come to feel of his power in a much more real sense. Something Elder Bednard said i love..."The enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ strengthens us to do and be good and to serve beyond our own individual desire and natural capacity."

I feel that strength push me past my own natural desires. I love you all always!!!!
Sister Jackson:)

A view while tracting... Right?!

Sister Johnson

Zone Conf.

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