Monday, May 29, 2017

Staying In The Breeze

Hello family and friends! Transfers have come and gone and Sister Shank and I are here in Gulf Breeze for another. We are excited to hit the pavement and do our best to get this area flourishing. 

We mainly had another week of finding! We are in the push through phase of the work because as always miracles are abundant you just got to get out and find them!

After a long day of every single appointment falling through we got "stood up" at a park and we began looking for others to talk to. We ran over to a boy getting in his car and ended up having a great chat with him about the Savior and what he can truly offer. We watched the #Because of Him video with him and testified our lil souls out. I know we were meant to be at that park for someone.

I have felt such strength from my personal prayers this week. It really is a refuge and thats something i never experienced before my mission. Gosh what power genuine prayers can bring! I know the Savior has trod the very path he asks us to follow. And I love Him for that. 

I love you all dearly! Thank you for being such a strength and inspiration to me:) 

Last Monday we went to a Blue WAHOOS baseball game SO fun.

An exchange last week with Sis Mantlo! She hit her 19 months and so we celebrated with #3 best ranked tacos in AMERICA... good but debatable! 

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