Monday, April 24, 2017

The Breeze!

​​Hello from Gulf Breeze! Gosh this place is beautiful. I almost feel out of place here because it is so nice. Its a very well off lil beach town. Tracting here is a whole different story! Im figuring it out slowly and surely haha. We are working from the ground up to build a teaching pool which im excited for. 

The highlight of this week was yesterday. We didn't have much success all week but certainly had a tender mercy in a real cool lesson. It was with a 21 year old potential who had read parts of the Book of Mormon in Jail. Her mom and her and the two of us sat around there table all sharing our stories of how we came to find God in our lives. Truly powerful. Her mom was not lovin the Mormons and her daughter went off for a solid 10 minutes about how the bible teaches there is another book to help us today and that's why this all makes sense. We are stoked to teach her. That is one of my favorite things out here is to listen to the journeys people take in their life to find whats missing. Its the coolest.  

Even though this week had some long days. Long days full of exhaustion, frustration, spiritual internal fights and growth, It was the best. Many nights in my prayers I just felt gratitude and real happiness to be living the live I live. It is so neat to me to be able to feel joy amidst the hardships. That's what this Gospel does. HE IS SO GOOD.

I love you all. God's Plan is real! Keep finding the simple truths in your lives! 
So much love,
Sister Jackson

Madison last catch.



Sister Shank. She's awesome.

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