Monday, June 5, 2017

All About the Delivery

Happy Monday! WELCOME TO THE FAMILY ELLIE MAE. I can't wait to kiss her lil cheeks. 

This week I truly felt the awareness of God. I will tell you two simple times real quick!

Im not sure if you guys remember the lady that broke down in the laundromat that we prayed with right then and there. We lost contact with her for a bit then tried her one day and she was in a very very terrible place and there was not a thing we could say or do for her but pray. WELL, yesterday was a breakthrough. She came to church with her little daughter. She looked so good and i promise the spirit in the church brings out the best of people. It was fast and testimony meeting and as she sat there she leaned over to me and said something inside me feels i need to get up there (she has terrible social anxiety so i was totally taken back). I told her i would get up there with her if she wanted to go! So up we went!

As a missionary you always get a little nervous for what is going to come out of the mouth of the people you bring to church.  AND it was BEAUTIFUL. She was a completely different person. She was in tears with her story and the day the "sisters knocked on my door and saved me from the lowest place possible". That whole day she just thanked us again and again for saving her life. It was a humbling place to be that day. 

Second story: Sister Shank and I were both praying one evening and a pizza delievery guy knocked on our door (a loving member sent him). We ended up talking to him for a good while about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and set a return appointment with him for next week! Cool guy just searchin for peace in his life. 

I love you all. The Savior has trod the very path He asks us to follow. And i love Him for it.

Sister Jackson:)

Our pal Esther who just got back from her mission!

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