Monday, April 17, 2017

Transfer Week

Hello my favorite people. I hope you all had a beautiful Easter and week full of the Savior. It has been a bitter sweet weekend saying goodbye to the people I love! I've been called to be a Sister Training Leader in Gulf Breeze. Gosh I sure have a lot of learning and growing a head of me. Like usual:)
This Easter season It felt good to truly focus on the Savior all day. It made me reflect on what his resurrection in reality means to me. 
So many good good times with good good people these past few months. And so many less good times that you love all the same.... HAHA ill tell you about one this week. 

We went to see a Less-Active couple who lives in a trailer in the town over. When we got there Willie was beheading catfish and his wife was eating chili in her bed. She summoned us in there and so sis Jarvis and I sat on the edge of her bed while Sister Hulstine sat on a portable toilet all talking to her and showing her the Easter Prince of Peace Video. It is sad the hurt she carries in her heart. She's a very bitter woman with health problems and a very negative view on life. As I asked her if she has ever felt peace from Jesus Christ she cut me off swearing and yelling about the horrible life she has and at the same time cursing and yelling at her husband about how greasy he made her chili. That statement was yelled at least 21 times while we were there.

It testified to me that the hope of Jesus Christ is a very REAL thing. And so is the absence of it. How deeply we all need it and should yearn for it.  We did the best we could to comfort her and testify to her and right as we finished the closing prayer she yelled "WILLIE GET DA BUCKET.'' The next 10 minutes we sat at the edge of her bed as she hurled up every foul liquid in her body. I have never herd such horrific noises. 
I am typically pretty good when it comes to not getting grossed out by things but I found out real quick that the sound of someone throwing up is not strong suit. The next 8 minutes was my ultimate test of self mastery to not throw up as I rubbed her leg and listen to her continue to hurl and yell at me to look at all the grease that's in her bucket. It finally broke when my body physically started dry heaving and I ran out the room to the door to get some fresh air. God loved me that day because on heaven knows how I left with my lunch still in me. 

I am grateful for all the opportunities that God has given me to share his Son's Gospel. I love him for it. This world is filled with remarkable people with remarkable stories. What a journey we all travel!! Jesus Christ Lives. Thanks for being the best family I could ask for. I LOVE YOU. 
Sister Jackson

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