Monday, April 3, 2017

Happy happy happy Conference days

HAPPIEST of Conference weekends. I hope everyone was filled with love as much as I was. It broke my heart a little thinking this was my last conference as a missionary. How I'm grateful for it. 


Elder Neil A. Anderson taught that this is a private, personal battle. Internal and personal indeed. 
What joy in magnitude i have come to feel as i'v seen small tender victories in the lifes around me and in myself to overcome the world. 

It is a life long quest but a joyful one! It comes by coming to know God and Jesus Christ. By understanding Christs character and experiencing His healing hands daily! 
Elder Joaquin E. Costa taught "Nothing draws you closer to Jesus Christ than the desire to change." Gosh, how true that is. 

I love you all dearly. I know as we all ponder what overcoming the world looks like in our lives and embrace the beautiful opportunity of change we will experience this magnificent JOY. This Gospel is real!

Sister Jackson:)

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