Monday, April 10, 2017

Live Within The Blessing

Hello!! So so many adventures this week doing the best thing around.

They began when we got caught up in a tornado warning storm on the otherside of the mission during a doctors appointment. If i had hours to type i would tell you of hilarious, stressful, exhausting hours that followed. I ended up crashing on a couch at a randoms sisters apartment somewhere in between, dress and all. We got up early and kept driving in time to make it to a morning appointment. Ha we were a hot mess. No make up, same clothes, sleep and study deprived.All part of the gig:) 

We helped a less active who i have grown to love so with his farm. We shoveled shucks of corn of out of one of his abandoned houses that was full of it. It was a riot. We shoveled it through a window into a machine that broke them down for cow food. Nasty corn dust literally everywhere. We all now feel as if we have head colds from the pounds of dust we inhaled. Worth it.

SO I'm going to go all missionary on you and give you all a commitment because its a powerful one. On the church came out with a new easter video called #Princeofpeace. And there are 8 videos on the priciples of peace. WATCH them all!! They will change you. We have been showing these videos left and right out here. One of my favorites talks about the concept to "LIVE WITHIN THE BLESSING."

We all have the capacity to live within the blessings of our lives. Our Heavenly Father wants nothing more for us. We are dearly loved. Thanks for being the best family i could ask for! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Sister Jackson:)

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