Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I don't have much time today but i just wanted to let you all know how much i love you and hope you are all loving life! 

We have biked all week and we able to meet some really neat people. I will just give you a glimpse of my morning....:)

 As of late i'v been really trying to do things for God. Whether its turning back to talk to someone or being present in a lesson when i feel exhausted. So this morning as we biked home an investigators home we passed someone sitting on her porch and I got the feeling we should go back so i yelled at Sister Fox and we turned back and sat down with her for a good hour. Sweet old Samoan lady. We had a good talk with her. Missionaries had tried to stop at their families home in Samoa. Its neat to see how many people have at some point in their life had connections to missionaries or the church. At one point she shouted " I feel need to pray." And we there we sat in her front yard holding hands as she gave the most wonderful, loving, praising Jesus prayer.  And i thought to myself im glad we turned around:)
 A few hours later when we went shopping i felt the need to talk to the guy bagging lettuce but thought to myself its my pday now i don't need to talk to him but sure enough when we came back 30 min later he was still standing there shelving the lettuce and we got his number and address. 
We smiled and said hi as we walked past another man and he stopped us and and said "Im mormon i havent gone in a long time because of my Methodist wife, but i still believe! " I know its true!!" Thing got heated when his wife came back but still a tender mercy:)
My point of this little rant is that i am just grateful for the opportunity to be the best of friends with God. To do things for him and for each other!
Yeah we let him down sometimes but unlike any other friend he will never walk away. 

I know that He is aware of his children and that he wants to be apart of every step in our lives. And life is simply better with him by your side!

So much love, 
Sister J

HA ALSO funny side moment. Two days ago we were weekly planning and I started itching my neck and i said to Sister Fox '' I am not feeling too good." I went to the mirror and i had completely broken out in hives. They are filthy. I must have eaten something im allergic to because the next 48 i was swollen head to toe with red spots. The elders nick named me a giraffe and to top it off when we came home some one had thrown pizza at our appartment door. #Missionary

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