Monday, October 10, 2016

Safe from the Hurricanes

Good Morning from Florida:) This week was a good one. Our ward split so we are in chaos a bit trying to find our new areas to cover and switching to new wards. SO! Elder Sitati from the 70 came to our mission this week! It was really neat experience. He and his wife are from Kenya and hearing their sweet voices made me miss my African pals. It was also fun to see some friends from across the mission that i'v missed dearly! You could really feel of the deep relationship that he has with God and Jesus Christ as he taught us and just simply being in his presence. 

We are still working with a few people one being Camille. Ah Camille I need to just send you a picture of her. Shes great. She has a baptismal date in November but has some demons she needs to conquer first. She is very back and forth but knows its true. She had a dream one night that her family came to her and told her to keep doing what the Sisters are telling her to do. To keep doing the work Sister Jackson and Fox are teaching her. She feels the spirit and believes in the church. The other day we had a lesson with her and she began to back out of her baptism date because she is afraid of failing once shes baptized. We testified our little hearts out and she felt it. We all got on her dirty tile floor and prayed to God if November 12th is the date he wants her to get baptized. And sure enough it was confirmed and she was so excited. We were doing sooooo good with Camille. Yet when Sunday rolled around she was not there. It breaks your heart. You invest so much of who you are and what you have to offer in your life and when those you love fall it hurts.You feel how strong God loves his children and can see the hope ahead for them but they can't. And some days it hurts so deeply that you want to pull your energy and heart away. However, when you do that Lucifer wins. 

My testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ really radiated through me this week. I think in life we all have to stop and ask ourselves "What do I want?" " What do I truly deeply desire?" In your conviction or relationship with God or with your self or simply the life you want to live and be a part of. The desire to grow to him can never be lost. Desire. That is where it all begins. 

I know that through our saviors atonement he gave us the power of God to flow through us. I love you all SO much. I pray that we can all asks ourselves these questions weekly to find the Joy that we are meant to be given. 

Sister Jackson:)

This is Jorde are rockin neighbor that we've been teaching in the parking lot. 

Finally got to save a turtle. They are squashed out the wahzoo all over the roads here!

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