Monday, October 24, 2016

Niceville Eagles For the W

Hey fam bam! I don't have much time but i thought id shoot you some pics from the beautiful beaches of Destin from last P-Day and the Niceville Football game we went to with Kat and Jordan!
I know I have talked about the surreal moments out on a mission or really in any time in life where you simply cherish every minute of what your doing and living. Where what your doing is raw and real.On Sunday Kat came to church and i could not have been happier. Sitting next to people at church who are far from the spirit is a neat thing. Because they are different people as they worship God. Even if it is but for a few moments. I will never forget sitting next to her Yesterday hearing her mumble the words to I am a Child of God. You experience so many humbling real moments as you seek to see the world as our father does.

I know that our Savior has the power to enable and truly change us. He loves us for who we are but more importantly for who we are to become. I love you all so much and count my lucky stars everyday for my beautiful family back at home:) 

so much love, 

Sister Jackson

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