Monday, October 3, 2016

Welcome to the Grind

Hey hey all! I don't have much time today because we are all going to play a District sand volleyball tournament on the beach in Destin! I'm sure you could guess that couldn't be happier:):)This week was so good. It has stretched me as always but its the best. Ha Sis Fox and I are still on the hunt to find any one and everyone to teach! I believe having two new missionaries in an area has potential for a lot of miracles because there is not a companion who knows who is receptive and who isn't. So by fault we take a book of addresses and try everyone and figure it out along the way! Just the other day we showed up at a less active members house and as we talked she let. us. have. it. MAN. She began tearing apart the Church and it ended with her telling us the classic "you two are brain washed and look like grandmas." Hahah poor Sis Fox just stood there as i tried to testify and leave. 
We have a few people we are working with to progress to wards the waters of baptism but Satan is doing a dang good job on them. He sure has a tight clasp on our brothers and sisters here. Often times we walk away from people who are just bitter, angry, blind and lost and it breaks my heart.
 I thought of you guys as i watched General Conference at the church with the Elders. I forget that over there everything is changing colors, how i love fall! I truly received spiritual strength and lift from the past two days. Every day i'm here i can feel God opening my heart and eyes to the magnitude of our Savior and of the pure power and love of the Restoration of Christs Gospel. It often feels like a fight to feel close to God or to my testimony with the world against us but I promise you that I am never happier than with him. I sat there on Saturday morning with my heart light and just thought to myself "I am SO happy." It was crazy to me that i am miles on miles away from home and the people i love most yet at these times i can feel so much joy! I have never felt more like myself and who God wants me to be. 
I love you all so much. Thank you for being the best family and team that i could ever ask for. You have no idea how much you all mean to me. Just know someone in Florida loves youuuuu:)

Sis J


This is Sue! She just got Baptized a few months ago and she took us to one of her Art shows to talk to her friends and see her to pieces! She is awesome!

GOOD NEWS. Sis Fox is teaching me how to cook! Needless to say we have had some pretty awful meals lately.

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