Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Happy Election day! I haven't watched media in 8 months so i honestly forgot this was happening untill someone said something today about it! Good luck America. This week was crayazy to say the least. From trying to help hoarders clean to someone trying to break into our apartment. We are all safe and its a wonderful life we live:)  

We had an Indian Pow wow and the whole zone came down and we did a family History Booth. It was awesome. I completely love the south. I help a 6'4 hairy 300 pound man from the backwoods find his lost family. I just looked at his as he talked to me and thought he could 100% be Hagrid's twin from Harry Potter.
Sister Fox and I are still out tracting the town trying to find those searching for more! God truly puts us right where he needs us.So many times we just walk away laughing because of the life we live. I sure love her. 
Something that we recently went over with our investigator Kat is our purpose here in Life. It is something that I love with my whole heart. Progression. We are here to become.
 What a beautiful plan that our God has given us. We ALWAYS have the potential to become more than who we are. 
I am grateful for the grace of our Savior that elevates each of us daily if we but reach out. 

I LOVE YOU ALL to the moon and back!
Sister Jackson

My 2 babies. When you train someone its mission lingo that they are your kids...and I am one proud momma:)

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