Monday, November 14, 2016

Knocking the Socks Off

Hello Hello my favorite people. This week was a good week full of biking, dropped appointments, trailer parks and door knocking. All to find the one! 

I can't count on my two hands the number of times Sis Fox and I chase someone down a street to talk to them. Just this morning we left our car that was filling up with gas to chase a lady that was 2 blocks away. Although its work and half the time we are laughing our heads off at how ridiculous we look we almost always see miracles. On one occasion we were biking and i got of my bike to run to a girl who was a few blocks in front of us. She was 16 and was currently kicked out of school. When i asked if we could share a message with her that will change her life she said yes! We all walked backed together to her house and taught her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her life was absolutely nuts and she unloaded every thing that has ever happened to her and every wrong decision she has made. If anyone was lost, she was. When we got to the Book of Mormon she said "OH i remember that book! "Two guy missionaries came and taught me 6 years ago on my porch in Georgia." I got chills because i felt how much God truly prepares his children. How easy it is and would have been to just let her walk away. They next time we went to see her she said her Mom threw away her Book of Mormon and needed another one. One of the hardest things to see out here is how deep the adversary has a grasp on Gods children.

Sister Fox and i had set up and appointment with a lady in a trailer park for later that evening. When we came back her Sister's boy ran out yelling at us to go away. The Sister walked out and said "Yall need to leave!" I started explaining who we had talked to, and she said "you ain't talking to anyone here and slammed the door shut." We both just stood there. Hahah some days are simply...long.

BUT IT is worth it. Because every once in awhile you get to see first hand how God works. This morning during studies i couldn't stop thinking about a lady who i had glanced at as we drove to someones house 4 days earlier. I fought within my self for a good while then decided we should go. Even though it was P-day we went and knocked on that door. The lady was not interested but said we could try to help her friend who's life is absolutely falling apart. She told us that God must of sent us this morning. 

I love my Savior. I love this Gospel. I love you all with everything I am!
xoxo Sister Jackson

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