Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy PEE-Day

Hi family!
It sounds like you all had the happiest of Thanksgivings! It was really neat to spend this Holiday on the mission! I miss you all dearly but there is nothing i'd rather be doing! Sue, a recent convert took us to YOGA that morning. AH my lanz it was so good. I have missed it so much. I was one happy missionary. In the beginning of  the class we all went around and introduced ourselves and I'm sure that was the first time they have ever had Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ attend:) It was well needed. 

We have been running with the new Church initiative of LIGHT THE WORLD. It is all about being Christ's hands here on earth and spreading his light. What a great calling we all have. I hope y'all find time to watch the video on! It almost brings me to tears. 

I Love my Savior. I am grateful to have the opportunity to put myself in a place where growth is necessary everyday to make it. I am grateful for this Restored Gospel and the love and JOY that it brings. At the end of the day if nothing else, all i want is for His children to find more joy. 
I pray we can all hold strong to him and the impressions of our hearts. I know God needs Brave Daughters and Sons. I love him. 
So much Love,
Sister Jackson:) 

Camille in her Sunday best!

We helped a L.A family decorate for X-mas.

ALSO! MAN.....  Sometimes it hits you with how nutz the South is.It happened again this week.Most the houses we go into are real unsanitary and cluttered but I hit an all time low the other day. We walked into our investigators house and i was sitting down when I noticed the Couch was wet. There wasn't another place to sit so I thought well... here goes nothing. Meanwhile she is just talking our ears off. I smelt the cushion i was sitting on and sure enough i was 100% pee. I asked her if her dog was potty trained and she said yes. I didn't want to believe that i was there trying to teach a lesson as i sat in my investigators pee. The longer i thought about it there has been many occasions where she has gotten up from a lesson with wet pants. I'll admit iv witnessed some pretty filthily things in this house but this was the winner.  hahah Happy holidays!!

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