Monday, September 26, 2016


Hey hey my loved ones:) 
I hope everything in Utah is going too good. WELL, I am here in Niceville with Sister Fox!! She is super sweet and very soft spoken. She just graduated and is from Colorado I love her a lot. Our personalities are different but we have the same goal and are going to put in some good work!! She is already way on top of everything and is teaching me a lot!

Where to begin! We are SO new! Hahah that thought has run through my head a thousand times this week. Our second night in our apartment I woke up in panic to a siren going off. I thought someone was breaking in ha but little did we know we have a broken Carbon Monoxide detector. So here Sis Fox and I are at 4 in the morning searching our apartment for where the siren was coming from and it took us a solid 30 min to tape it shut haha. Thats happened more than once this week! 

 I felt like i was leaving home all over again because of how much love for the people I have in Fairhope but slowly and surely we are meeting people here. We are in a car share witht the elders here which means we will be rollin on bikes everyother day! We also have a YSA branch here so we pack lunches and stay at church from 7:30 to 6 at night!  Almost our whole ward is Military which is cool! A lot of them aren't from the South and I almost feel out of place now:)
  I will be honest, this week was one of the hardest out here in the mission. I didn't realize how many moments i would have here where I felt utterly alone. It is difficult moving to a new area with a brand new missionary when we both don't know a soul or thing about it. Where nothing and no one is familiar and no one knows you. It is difficult to lead an area of God's children that I don't know yet! Ha I just wish i knew more for Sis Fox! But things are going to get better! It has really pushed and stretched me which i'm so grateful for. I know that I needed this. I had a sacred experience this week that i want to share...
 One morning I felt broken, exhausted, alone, and overwhelmed by my own expectations. During one of my studies I went into the bathroom and knelt down before my maker. And for a long time I knelt there pouring my entire soul to him, pleading  him with every ounce of energy i had in me. I prayed to God for the strength and for purpose in what I was doing here. For the faith. For the help that i needed from him to help and love my new companion. And then i just knelt there with my head in my fists and listened. I didn't have a heavens come down experience but when i stood up I looked in the mirror at my worn and tear filled face, and i knew God was proud of me.  The rest of my week my heart has felt lighter and although its tough I feel God closer to me. I realized that when no one else knows who i truly am He does. I was reminded of 3 Nephi 17:10 " And they did all, both they who had been healed and they who were whole, bow down at his feet, and did worship him; and as many as could come for the multitude did kiss his feet, insomuch that they did bathe his feet with their tears."

 Whether the tears were on the saviors feet or upon a bathroom floor in an apartment in Florida, the tears ARE THE SAME. He hears me the same. He hears us all the same. 

I am grateful to be out here serving Him and loving Him. Keep reading and praying. I know he hears your prayers and he wants nothing more than for you to hear Him. Thank you for being the best family a girl could ask for:) 

SO much love,

Sis Jackson!

My new good pal Sister Fox!!!:)

Williams had me sign there their shed! How i love them!!!!

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