Monday, September 5, 2016

The Good Life!

I am alive and well!! Hurricane Hermine came and went!! My side of the Mission just had lots of rain. Only the East Missionaries got evacuated! What a WEEK. There are moments on the mission where you wish to be no where eles. Where you take a step back and just soak in your life, in God and how good he is to you. I wish I had more time but here were a few!

Monday a member took us and two of our investigators down to Gulf Shores! MY MISSION IS BEAUTIFUL.Sister Fletcher and I had lil one on one lessons at the beach. Seriously some of my favorite lessons. It is simply the best when multiple things and people you love coincide. 

Fairhope is the artiest lil town you've ever seen. Every month they do an art walk and Linda took Sis Fletch and I and we street contacted while she looked at the art. Locals play live music on the corners which is something that I could never get enough off. I am not sure if its just because i miss music in general but there is something so raw and inspiring about live music. Any ways!! We walked back into this little court yard and there were 3 ladies sitting on a bench. They were Jehovah Witness's and were a RIOT. We started with talking and then it turned into dancing which turned into pictures which turned into getting the numbers;) Then two other J.W witnesses noticed our name tags and came up to us and there we all were dancin in unity! Ha some were nicer than others. One said to me" you need to come to our kingdom hall." So i invited her to come to our church and she about had it. I made some real good friends that night:)

Yesterday we had a wonderful zone conference and all the Sisters stayed at our apartment last night.In a mission you meet so many new people all the time which i love!! 

 After the conference we went and just tracked Mobile the rest of the day. Sisters don't serve there because of safety concerns but man I wish I could. The whole population there is African American and so receptive. It was right before we had to go and we stopped at one last door. We ended up teaching a cute family the Restoration of the Gospel. Gosh I wish more than anything I could go back to that lesson. As I told of Josephs experience of the first vision the spirit consumed the room. I could hear words coming from my mouth but it wasn't me. The mother was so intrigued and recognized the spirit and peace we brought to her home. As we left she said "I can tell by the spirit you bring in your eyes and words that this is good, it is peace."

Everyday that I stand here I feel and understand more and more of the power and sacredness of this calling. I bore testimony last night to my zone of power of a changed heart. How the Lord heals them into who his Sons and Daughters are destined to be. My mission is real. I miss you all more than words can describe but i know that even the worsts of days are so worth it. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints holds unimaginable truth. I am grateful to be here as the Lords servant and I thank him for it every day. I love you all to the moon and back!!!!

Sister Jackson:)

Our Jehovah Witness pals!

The wall of wishes at Gulf Shores!

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