Monday, September 12, 2016

Believing Him

Happy Monday once again!! I am sure BYU lost because they are still missin me there. I hope you all cheered loud enough for us all:) This week was a solid solid week. 
A girl named Alleyha requested a free Bible on and when we showed up at her apartment it turns out she was 13 years old. She was the purest more darling little girl. Her grandma was laying on the couch in the dark behind her and they let us in. We ended up teaching them a beautiful lesson on the Restoration of the gospel. They both had such genuine hearts. 
This week I am full of gratitude for Jesus Christ. I teach people with full confidence feeling the love god has for them and the yearning our Savior has for them. Yet it is harder for me sometimes to feel it in my own self. I am learning and growing my love for the peace that Christs suffering offers and what it means to me. I am learning not only to believe IN Christ but to simply BELIEVE HIM. To trust him. To trust that when he says "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you"(John 14:18), he means it. I know he means it. I felt the edifying affects that the Savior offers to lift us as I partook of the sacrament this week.  More than ever I feel like He hears me and understands me. I know he loves ALL his children so infinitely. I love him with everything that I am. Thank you for being the best family ever to support me out here!! I am SO blessed:)

Sister J

This is Missy. She is theee coolest with some wicked nails. She lives out side the Library, we teach her and give her fruit snacks when we run into her. Wee are real good friends!

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