Monday, August 29, 2016

Ridin HW 98

Hey Yall!!! I am loving these hot and humid months over here:) I am emailin a lil late because we just got done whoopin some Elders in Volleyball. It FELT so good to play again. 
Man what a week. I just feel tired. I know there are great things ahead. We didn't have our car most the week due to repairs so Biking it was!! Field after field after field after field we road past for days on end. I am grateful for the chance to have no other option because when you feel torn down whether it is emotionally or physically or both God loves those torn hearts and souls. August days here are killer HOT!! On many occasions I would just cry out to God to help me make it where we needed to go. 

Recognizing the spirit is something that has been a focus for me lately. There is nothing sweeter than being able to see Gods hand in your thoughts and actions. Two tender experiences have happened lately that I will always cherish. The first night we were out and were thinking about where to go and who to see. Beverly came into our minds. We had already seen her that week but something inside felt good about seeing her. When we showed up she was almost in tears in immense pain. If anyone has been beat up in this life she has. The thought came to me.. Sing to her. So that is what we did. I was almost brought to tears as she chimed in her lil shaky voice to Be Still My Soul. We all knew God sent us to her that night. It was an answer to her prayers. The Lord is using me as His Servant much deeper than teaching his Doctrine. 

A very Similar experience happened Last night. Every one of our  appointments and backups fell through that entire day when Sis Fletch said we could go see Linda. She is totally out of our way, it was almost time to be in, and we are low on miles to began with but once again something inside told us to go. When we showed up and got talking we felt like we should sing to her as well. She was brought to tears in her lil white nightgown as we sang how great thou art. We had a much needed lesson. She broke down with the weight of her concerns and lack of love she felt. She said "Its like yall knew?! You knew I needed you."

I am beyond humbled to be able to be Christ hands here on earth for this short time. These small moments make up the all the difference for the endless days of little success. I know God is watching out for me here and that he is proud of any step no matter how big or small we take towards him. I love you all with everything that i am!!

Sister J:)

Beverly gave us shrimp prep with our Jubilee catches

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