Monday, July 4, 2016

America in Fairhope

Happiest of the 4th of JULY!!!! I love you all and hope you all have some Patriotic things going on today:) Tis a BEAUTIFUL country we live in. Holidays are still a little strange on a mission! 

This week was nuts. We almost got dropped by all our investigators and if not the investigator the appointment. So are lessons this week was sad. Just one of those weeks! BUT,  in the midst of it all there were some good good times. 

We also welcomed our new Mission President this week! I love zone gatherings, it is the absolute best to see everyone. We had one to meet President and Sister Smith and they seem really cool. I am excited to work with them!!

Because it was the end of the month we were out of miles and have been bikin our butts off. The other day I felt like the worst trainer ever hahah. We left an appointment and it was literally pouring harder than I have ever witnessed in my life. Within 3 seconds we both could have just as well jumped in the bay. Any who, I still am kinda new to the area( so i'd like to say;)) and so i just use the GPS from the car to navigate us around town. But it was raining so hard i couldn't read the screen so we definitely doubled the length of the trip haha. We turn a steep corner and Sis Fletcher hydroplaned and completely whipped out. Ha and by this point we both we just freezing, hungry, soaked and exhausted. No one would talk to us from their porches and all of our belonging were drenched. An hour later we made it. Ha Luckly we were seeing Beverly Giles who when we got there welcomed us non the less! I remember in the heat of it all riding my bike through pools of water, getting slapped in the face with soggy branches and seeing all the people look over as they drive past us, i'm sure just thinking about how much they wouldn't want to be us, and appreciating this moment on the mission. It is hard work but it is easy to appreciate hard things you do. 

MEANWHILE I LOVE THE SOUTH. Oh so so much. Everything is just so casual and informal. Doug and Linda who just got baptized this year had us over for dinner and we invited a less active mom and daughter. We all ate meat with our fingers in camping chairs around their dinning room table, Dougs and I's heads barely surfaced. Ha my heart was so full this night. As I said the prayer, all holding hands around the table, I couldn't help but just smile because i was so happy to be here. I just wish you all could have just been here too. Linda had the idea of having a bon fire and of course i backed her right up because i miss those and the mountains to death! NEVER AGAIN. Never ever again. I have never been more hot, sticky, and humid in my life. It does not cool down here at all at night and adding a fire is blazinnnn. Sister Fletcher and I just laughed our heads off at the whole situation. Linda's eyes were burning with all the sweat dripping into them as she dug clungs of melted chocolate out of the wrappers and slopped them onto the grams for everyone. However, I was proud to say that I was the one to get the fire lit:) ---Kenz our years of endless campfires pays off;) Twas a good night.

I am finding God here everyday. Some days I feel closer to him than others. The days and moments I do make up for all the rest. I love my Savior and I love his Gospel. AND I LOVE YOU ALL. I pray and think of you all daily. Sending so much love:)

Sister Jackson

Linda gave me one of her dresses to wear for the night:)

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