Monday, July 18, 2016

The Good Within

HELLO my Dearest ones! All the missionaries are going on a duck boat tour in Mobile wahoo!!... Not entirely sure what that entails but that's why i'm on so early! I debated not even sending an email this week because i am sure you got your Sis Jackson fill with the videos Members have sent home:) I was as nervous as i looked hahah. But i will send yall a few bits none the less! 

So Last Monday the hours of pday got pushed back because we were mowing lawns for investigators and had appointments! So at 8 we went and spent our last hour at my second love.. Chick fil la! I was sitting in there in my sweats with out my tag on(I had forgotten it at service) about to write some letters when i saw a lady with an Insulin Pump on and debated if i should go talk to her because i have an instant bond with any diabetic.. eh its got to come in handy sometime right?:) Long story short 45 min later we got an appointment with her! 

A few days ago we got to her house and she was playing BEAUTIFUL hymns and Christian songs on her Grand Piano. Gosh it just was the calm before the storm. Shanon is a Catholic of 2 years whos has directed church choirs for over 20 years. I can't even began to describe how the next 45 minutes went. It started with her boasting about how correct and awesome the Catholic Church is and then she started asking us what seemed like innocent questions. Which quickly turned into personal attacks and harsh accusations.  My lil hearts was just beating and usually we run into bashers on the streets and not in homes. I finally just stood up and said we have to go and walked out of her house. I sure am learning how to be more bold here. By now it was dark outside we snuck onto the Yacht clubs area of the bay and just sat on the beach for a few minutes to re gather our thoughts. We sat there looking out across the dark horizon in silence for a few moments in prayer. Together we sang Nearer My God to Thee. There were  lights and people laughing and drinking on Piers down the way, but in that moment I felt COMPLETELY excluded from the world. It was a beautiful moment to just feel Gods touch amidst all the ridicule, rejections, and persecution i get out here. 

Satan is so real. We knocked on a door yesterday and talked to a boy around my age who was just filled with evil and hooked up on anything and everything. The girlfriend, who had wounds all over her from Meth i assume, came over stared us down and walked away. You could just feel the grasp Lucifer had in that apartment. My heart breaks for so many lifes here. I have never felt the stark contrast between good and evil more than I have here. 

I know that Christ Lives and that he changes hearts. Because his power is so subtle and it requires our utmost searching, it is that much deeper and moving within. It is starting to feel like home here and I am grateful amongst all the hard to be serving. I love you all with everything that I am!

xoxo Sister Jackson:)

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