Monday, June 27, 2016

Fairhope Welcome's SIS Fletcher

Hello my dear family and friends. You all look like you are doing sooo good and it makes my lil heart so happy! Here in Fairhope, this week has been BLAZIN. So dang hot and humid. My camera fogs up now so i dont know how many clear pics you'll get from here on out aha. 

SISTER FLETCHER is my new trainee. She is a cute red head from Southern California. She cheered and ran in high school. I picked her up on Wednesday and we have hit the ground running ever sense! She is a rock star. You guys would be so proud of me and my decisiveness this week! It will just take some time before she will feel comfortable making decisions about lessons and appointments and everything in between haha. And y'all know i was thee absolute worst at decisions. So this whole training thing has really helped me overcome that! I am gaining confidence in myself as a missionary and my ability to teach and work. I did not realize how different training would be from being trained.  This week has been full of highs and low lows as each week is. It has been really hard in the fact that I just want to be the "perfect" trainer and i tend to be hard on myself! But it has also been super neat to be able to take everything i love about missionary work and adjusting and what not and give it all freely to Sis Fletcher. What I love most is being able to focus all my efforts on someone eles! ahhhh its the best. I told Sis Fletcher right off the bat that these next two transfers i am just simply here for HER! She is awesome because unlike me who when i first got here was stubborn and just wanted to fix everything on my own in hopes of not putting people out, she has opened up and truly lets me help! I love her immensely and am so so proud of her! It is kind of cool because we have experienced a lot of similar things but those things are no longer a huge issue to me and puts me in a place to give comfort and advice! THE GROWTH OUT HERE IS INCREDIBLE. Keep praying for her and her nutzo trainer!

The work out here has been difficult and we have been finding, finding, finding, finding! This week we found out that Percy Jackson one of my favorite investigators, is leaving to a House of Hope/ rehab type of center for 7 MONTHS because of some probation and law stuff that he had not cleared up. We were on the phone with him for like a half hour ha my heart broke. I told him to bring his Book of Mormon with him and he said of course he would! Sad day:(

Other note worthy items- i splurged and bought myself a rockin night gown, and I ate deep fried frog legs the other day...decent, but not my fav.

I love and miss you all to the moon and back! I am so grateful for all the love and prayers! I sure do feel them over here. Keep keep reading and looking for Gods hand, he is everywhere if you are reaching. Remember someone in Fairhope love's you:)

Sister Jackson

An eager shop owner came out and posed us with her alpaca this morn

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