Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Morning in Fairhope

This morning was a happy happy happy morning here in Fairhope:)  Sister Fletcher and I run to the bay every day at 630 but today was a special one! We got there only to find ourselves in a JUBILEE! That's when something in the weather mixes with the lack of oxygen in the water and all the fish rise to the surface and wash up to the beach! Ha its a lot more technical than that but thats all i got! Any ways they are super rare here and besides the Mobile Bay, Japan is the only other coast that these occur on!  Y'all should just google it!  Lots of people who have lived here there whole life have never seen one!

 We ran back with squirmy shrimps in my hands and grabbed a bucket and a cup and went wildddd. Haha here we were this morning runnin the beach with all the local "jubilee chasers" trying to catch em. They are the real deal let me tell ya!! We figured we had no idea how to cook fish haha let a lone had time to do that so we filled our bucket with shrimps. We stuck out as we usually do due to our lack of equipment haha. But some nice fella said any one who is out here trying to catch with a Dickees Barbique Cup and their hands deserve some help and dumped his shrimp in our bucket. Hahahah hey we took em. We got back to our apartment well into personal study and called one of our crazy less actives who told us how to clean them and what to do with our crab! Luckly one of our nutzo neighboors John let us borrow his crab boil at 8 in the morning! I had no idea how behind i was on Crab anatomy and seafood cleaning:) We will be feastin finneeeee tonight! 

We spent the morning at the hospital with Beverly Giles who had her breast cancer surgery this morning. I love her. Other than that this week was a goodie. Lots of good and bad experiences! One day we walked into Kelley's place(our investigator with a baptismal date..which we have actually already dropped) and she was sound asleep. OUT COLD. If she wasn't snoring so loud I would have thought she was in serious trouble. We both stood in the door way whispering not sure what do. After we knocked louder we went over to her bed and i tried to shake her awake... ha super bold but she didn't wake up! Sis Fletcher tried and long story short we finally just left. Ha sad day when we can't even wake our gators up to meet with us! 

We contacted at 3 different gas stations this week! We met some cool friends and some wild ones. One pal in line as we were talking to him just opened up his wallet and showed us it. He had like 2000 dollars in cash in that thing.the whole conversation was real strange and Sis Fletch and I both just kind of laughed and went eles where. I can not tell you how many times I wish I could just take a good picture of the faces that I talk to. The people down here are the best. It is usually at night that we do and I am always exhausted and just feel like going home but not a night passes where I wasn't glad we made that extra effort. 

Also noteworthy news.. Last night! We were out knocking trailers all were busts. It is hilarious what people do when they talk to you. One man stuffed an entire tub of tobacco in his mouth in our two minute conversation. I just kept thinking theres no way he has more room in there.The next trailor a shirtless man answered and he only spoke spanish! I am PROUD to say I said the whole contact in poor spanish. Ha some of the Spanish Elders here taught me how to say some things, that, combined with my junior high years in spanish made a good door contact. 

This email is officially a scattered brained novel but i just love you all with everything that i am. Yesterday as I was driving through the country side i was almost brought to tears with the profound power that God has here in this life. I know that a simple belief that he is there brings happiness to our beings. I am grateful to be here. Know somebody in Fairhope lovesss youuuuu:)

Sista J

Eric is the cooooolest we can't teach him cus hes in mobile. 

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