Monday, July 11, 2016


HI FAM. It so fun to see what you all are doing in life, gosh how i love you all. It sounds like the Fourth was a good one for everyone! We got to go to the ward mission leaders house who is back in the woods and watch his fire works that he shoots in front of his lil lake. I actually didn't get home till 1030 which probably sounds way early to you all but to me it felt like 4 in the morning. Ha it was a good good night:) 
As i sit here thinking about what to even begin to write about this week i am at a loss. It was a difficult difficult week emotionally. But if there is one thing im learning out here, everything has its end. And i am grateful to be here. 
One of the cooler things this week was the Montrose Rehab Center. As we were walking out of the place after teaching Kelley( the diabetic with an amputated leg) we ran into a black dude named Vincent in the smoking table outside. He is the manager of the place and we came back later to teach him the Restoration. While we were waiting for him to find free time in his work we taught Kevin who was on a smoking break the Restoration on the spot. Both went fairly well. I am still getting used to the heat and mugginess of it here and i swear i am going to hit the ground while i am teaching of heat exhaustion haha. But no one here seems phased by it. Any who we hope to keep progressing with them. 
WE also have done service out the Wazoo this week. Soooo I am not sure if it is the south or what but i guess girls don't do yard work or anything of that sort here! And here i am my lil independent self so to say when it comes to things like that. DRIPPING in sweat, I had a deep conversation with Linda the other night after building stairs for a less active about Woman Empowerment and Capability. Ha i am more about it all more so now then ever. 

I am so grateful to be here. I know God is watching out for me. I have never really felt led by his spirit until now. There are times at doors where I will get just a sick sick feeling and tell Sis Fletcher we need to go. He loves me lots:)
 If there is one I know, it is that this life needs a God and a Redeemer. To much heartache and despair. Too much. Too much mistreatment and abandonment. Our relationship with God is personal and so so available to everyone. Out here I truly believe we are led to those who are at points of despair. In my talk the other week I talked about how on Mission I  sit here on porches and in living rooms listening to these broken people. And although i just love them so deeply i swear my heart could burst there is nothing I can do. Nothing. What sacred chance i do have, is the chance to point them to someone who CAN. Someone who will never leave them. Someone who will forgive them time and time and time again. Someone who will give them the strength and friendship needed to live today. What a pure and sacred calling that not only I have as a missionary, but that we all have as members to point our Brothers and Sisters back  to our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. 
I love the south, I love my Brother Jesus, and I love you all. More than you will ever know!

Sister Jackson

A random assortment from this week:)Elix

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