Monday, June 13, 2016

Somos Missionarios de inglesia de Jesus Cristo

Hey hey hey! I am emailin earlier today because im going to lunch with some missionary pals today:) Sister Redfearn and i are sitting here laughing about what we could even write home about this week, it was a slow one!

We had a huge zone conference to say goodbye to President and Sister Smith. Each District preformed a skit that the were planning for weeks and weeks. Us being our not so cool selfs didn't really even plan one and just winged it haha i have never laughed so hard in my life. We basically did a parody of door knocking and i was put with the spanish elders and just pulled out every poor pronounced thing i learned in my teenage years from Spanish class in school...Including "Somos missionarios de inglesia de Jesus Cristo!" Ha clearly the convo doesn't go smoothly when i run into the Hispanic people of Fairhope.

We Did have exchanges this week and the STL's came to our area this time. It was a riot, we walked to the bay at 630 and they just loved it! It is what i will miss most about this place! Exchanges can be exhausting because you just talk about your strengths and weaknesses all day. BUT I truly was able to better focus on how I can better myself as Sister Jackson and as a missionary! 

Hahahaha there are so many people here that i wish you all could just meet once. We have been trying to teach this lil black dude charles who is awesome. He lives in his boss's garage and so we just sit on the pourch each visit..His Boss and wife don't quite love us yet..! I just laugh my head off when we meet with Charles. The other night he texted us a 7 page long prayer about us... We met with him on Saturday and he just laughs at himself hysterically, one particular time he busted out and accidentally spit up flem or something all over himself and just kept talking to us as he washed his face with the hose faucet. Super nasty but I just lost it!!

I love serving with Sister Redfearn we just laugh our heads off. My perspectives of life change daily. I know that as i work on becoming who God knows I am and can become so much happiness comes. I am constantly wanting to improve out here and fill my heart with more love. A mission puts all your weakness and faults on a platter for you to see all the time which can be hard. BUT, I am oh so grateful for that! Oh so grateful. It lets you see so much about yourself and gives you what you need to better yourself! Everyone of us have so much potential because of our Savior. That is a simple statement with SO much underlying meaning if we search it out for ourselves! I LOVE LOVE LOVE and miss you all to the moon and back! I pray for you all daily and could never express how much you all truly mean to me:) I am one blessed Sister out here:) Keep up the good stuff. 
xoxox Sister Jackson

Cute Sister Smoot:)

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