Monday, June 20, 2016


MY BEAUTIFUL FAMIly, I hope you all had a lovely lovely Fathers day weekend! I thought of you all lots:) I gave a talk on forgiveness in Sacrament and of course just balled my lil eyes out like always. Holidays like Fathers day are hard for proselyting but Sister Giles who is an angel had us over for sausage soup. I love her with everything that I am! This week she got diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the third time, on top of being rejected frequently from family and friends in the ward because of her infections. Seriously the most Christ like woman. 
We had a good week this week! Full of dropped appointments and funny moments. Hmmm  i will just mention a few.....
 Connie moved in above us this week and we went up to her place the other night and it was the strangest meet and greet ever. Her cat was a transvestite which explains how that night went. We both walked out of there and didn't really know what else to say to each other.

 I ALSO found out that a Less Active has been giving me tea to drink this WHOLE time. Every time we go over to her trailer for lunch she gives us sippy cups full of "fruit punch" I saw her do it this time though, and sure enough i have been breakin the word of wisdom sense day one out here...whoops.

Charles( the one from the last email) addresses us now as Queen. 

SO the big news around here is that Sister Redfearn is leaving:(  And i have been called to TRAIN. The night after President called me i felt so unbelievably inadequate. So so inadequate! I had all these thoughts of things like i have never even taught half of the lessons or that i'v only been in training for 11 weeks or that theres no way i can lead all the lessons and i felt no where near ready! But as time has gone on i feel the strength of god with in me. I am excited to take all the things that i have loved and learned in these past two transfers from each trainer and apply it with my new trainee to help her in the way that i would want to be helped and loved for! I can't wait to help her become the very best that she can be! I want to show her how fun and light a mission can be among the stresses, setbacks and adjustments. She will get here on Wednesday and I will go to Tallahasee tomorrow to pick her up from the mission home and take her back home with me:) Needless to say pray for this poor new greenie;)

I love you all so so much!! I am grateful to be able to be somewhere where so much growth is available to push me. I swear i am never really comfortable here and as soon as you start to be your life flips! And it is something i am totally learning to love! I am grateful for the gospel. I talk to so many people out here and nothing brings peace to me like the church does. And all though it is a fight in this gospel and a battle to get my heart where i want it, there is nothing i would rather be doing! God is a good one:) Keep loving and praying and reading!
xoxox Sister Jackson:)


We ran out of time to go grocery shopping last Monday so this week we have successfully eating and scavenged though all the food storage..

Last P-Day at Lamberts Cafe:)

Sister Giles:):)

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