Monday, February 6, 2017

We are born to meet the King

HEY:) I hope yall had a good Super Bowl weekend. Ha it hit me how out of the world I am when I found out it was happening this weekend from 90 yr old residents in the rest home that we sing to. No one could remember quite who was playing though hahah. This morning we found out when we were walking around tracking all the hung over fans:)

Ms. Kathryn had a beautiful funeral service. It was my first "Baptist" funeral and boy they don't mess. As two "white gurls" in dresses, we usually stick out like sore thumbs and the funeral was no different. They had a live choir singing praises as the family walked in to see the casket for the last time. People were fainting and wailing and fanning. It broke my heart. She was loved widely and deeply. As I spoke everyone was clapping and shouting "amens" and "yes Jesus."  And it ended in a raging applause! It was hard for me not to throw a few hallelujahs in there:)  It was a really cool missionary tool through it all. At the end as I bore testimony and read something from the Book of Mormon and the pastor sat behind me nodding and amening. I kept wishing yall could have been there! After wards they had big fish frys and BBQs. We spent a few hours gutting fish with the family in the yard. Everyone was drinking Gin havin a good ol time hah.

Its funny. Out here you feel like there are some days where every decision you make is led by God and other days where you feel completely left in the dark making wrong turn after wrong turn. Both are for either their (gods children) or your good. A few days ago we had one of those awesome days. We were lost trying to find an appt. and pulled over on the side of a neighborhood to look at our GPS and 2 girls walked past us and waved. I watched them walk away and like usual the feelings come in ya and we chased em down. As we asked them their names it turned out to be the girl we were LOOKING for!! Not even close to where we were suppose to be. We taught her and her cousin Puddin the Restoration in the street right there. It was a beautiful moment filled with the spirit. God answers prayers. Feeling the spirit of that lesson was something He knew I needed that day.

I have found comfort in a scripture lately in Hebrews 12:6 "For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.."
That applies to every ounce of our lives. I know because he loves us he is going to stretch and mold us in difficult and painful times. BECAUSE he loves us. Love is what fuels this life and quite frankly what fuels every piece of doctrine found in this gospel.

Thank you for making me the luckiest gal alive! Sending so much love your way:)
Sister Jackson

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