Monday, February 27, 2017

A Changed Man

Happy Monday:)

        God is good. Life is good. Yesterday was one of the happiest days on my mission. Syliva came to church for the second time and is progressing like iv never seen with her. Xiaver( jimmy fallon Jr) Got ordained a Priest. And Taurz who we tracted into had a few ups and downs but is doing SO good now. He is on tract to get baptized next week.
        The branch had gone out and gotten him a white shirt and tie and yesterday when he walked in I couldn't believe it. These past three weeks he has become some one entirely new. Yesterday in the hall way he came to me and said in complete humility and excitement that he too wants to serve a mission. He has given up weed, the friends and everything in between. Nothing in his life has given him an ounce of support or reason to have the courage to do what he is doing to change his life how he is today. It amazes me. I wish you all could just sit in our lessons because he sure is loved by God and is one of His finest.
       Only God could be giving him the divine help to overcome his past and break the abusive, violent, absent chain within his family. 3 weeks ago Taurz told us that he knew his life was going to be a failure if he didn't get out of the streets. He was brought to tears from the stories in the Book of Mormon as he related to Nephi and knew he needed to be the strong one for his siblings. Nothing I could express in email would be able to explain to you the depth that he has  in the Gospel.

        These past three weeks my testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown. It truly is a book of change. Given to us to help change our lives. With every investigators the stories seem to fit them perfectly. I love the book and feel its truth. It is a good life we live!

Sister Jackson 

Taurz  Allen

Yay for mommas who send love and Stance socks.

A vid of the missionary life in action haha Elder Sherwood recorded this one day and sent it to my mission pres.


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