Monday, February 13, 2017

God's Love is the best Love.

Miracles. This week was full. The past while consisted of tracting and street contacting and we were stoked for the ones with a return appointment and then we get stood up time and time again! Ha it is the norm out here unfortunately. This week particularly was a really really long week. It has been a goal to tract around the areas of the no show appointments.If God brought you to that area theres a reason....So what it looks like is we will find someone go to their house, they stand us up, we contact around them, find someone else set an apt with them at their place, they stand us up, we contact around them find someone else and set an apt at their place, etc, etc. .... Well fast forward to Saturday when we met Taurz. We were brought to Taurz's trailor park from tracting 7 different no show appointments consecutively over the past weeks! 

We knocked his trailor after a no show appointment with on of his neighbors. And Taurz came out half awake but grateful "to be woken up with Jesus." Ha he is 18 and one of the coolest kids i'v even met. Already one of my best friends. Taurz is straight from the streets as he puts, covered in tattoos and quite honestly has almost no one in his life. He was a little wild that morning and was all over the place swearing and acting out the Passion of the Christ and everything in between. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and left him with our number. 

Sunday morning we woke up with a voicemail from Taurz saying he is going to be ready to come to church. God told him that he needed to come. I can only think of one other time on my entire mission where someone called us! We sent a Member to pick him up and sure enough Taurz walked into church yesterday. 
If i have ever felt that talks and lessons are inspired I felt it yesterday stronger than ever.  In sacrament, the talks were about family and how we are each others family and he commented to me the whole time how he needs these people.  In Gospel Principles it was on the Word of Wisdom and he sat there intently on every word and even met with the Branch President after Church to see how he can help him change. He was a different person entirely. Never have I seen such a change over 3 hours.  
We went and taught him the Restoration this morning with a member and committed him to get baptized on March 10. By the end he was smiling as we taught. MAN nothing is more real out here than meeting and teaching someone who is truly, deeply, SEEKING. Keep Taurz in your prayers this week:)

I know this Gospel is raw, genuine, work full of lots of heart. Jesus Christ gave us the beautiful Gift of second chances. And I love him for it.

Sister Jackson:)  

Sister Brinson, my Relief Society President.

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