Monday, February 20, 2017

An Apostle of the Lord

Hello dear ones,

This week we had an entire mission conference and Elder Gary E. Stevenson from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles came to our mission!  So neat. A few other missionaries and I had the chance to sing Come Thou Fount to him and our mission. For the past month we have been coordinating together for the number. I love that song and it was a tender experience! It was something eles to be able to shake an apostle of the Lords hand and to receive training from him one on one. My entire mission it has been a learning experience to understand how the Spirit touches me personally. And MAN it is a cool journey.

We are still at it trying to find people to teach as always! Ha last Saturday we met two 19 year olds at a gas station and invited them to church and they came! Every one says they will come but no one does of course ha so we were pumped. It got a little less exciting however, when we all sat down and it became apparent that they both showed up totally high. We sat there in sacrament with them and the longer we sat the more apparent it was. Geez. Ha one of them was clapping after talks and quoting the bible scriptures with the person speaking. At times i was nervous for what they were about to do. Sister Jarvis had no clue what was going the whole time. 

I Love you all. This week have more faith than fear. Jesus Christ Lives!

Sister Jackson:)

I also chopped 5 inches off my hair last week. It was actually very liberating hah. 

Fun to see old friends/ comps again!

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