Monday, January 23, 2017


Happy Monday:) 

This has been a tender and tiresome week for me. We have been up and back at the hospital multiple times this week seeing Ms. Katherine. About a week ago we went for the first time. I held her hand around her IVs and looked her in the eyes and told her I love her. I can't explain the experience but the words sounded strange coming out of my mouth. I tell so many people here that I love them and I truly do but this time it came out with the conviction of everything inside of me. She was weepy and expressed the same to me. Leaving the hospital it was as if God told me subtly that was it. And ever sense that day she has quickly gone down hill and at this point probably wont make it. We have prayed with her family on multiple occasion and I get teary eyed still because of how deeply my heart feels for them. She is my family. Cedric will talk to her unconsciousness about how he is still going to go to the temple for her to seal them forever. That was her biggest wish. The whole thing is humbling and the perspective on temples and life eternal has really rooted me this past week.  

I heard a quote the other day that said "If you've found a life you love, you must have the courage to live it." Living this Gospel takes courage and it takes faith. No one is exempt. Sister Cook and I trained in our Zone Conference this week about taking control of the moments in your life. We came to this earth with determination to gow spiritually and amount to something. We promised not only God but ourselves that we would. We owe it to ourselves to keep that promise!

President Smith called us last night at 10:20 when we were laying in bed and said "Sister Jackson are you ready to TRAIN again?!" I laughed. Come tomorrow I will go pick up a brand new Sister and bring her back to Madison. Life is a good one!:) The people here are good to the core. Real fun. For the past hour and a half i'v been sitting next to a pal who has been passionately comenting and laughing to himself about youtube videos on Jesus and Blue Jeans.

Keep seeking Him. I love you all immensely and am happy here.

Sister Jackson

We had a wild storm here and were stuck inside yesterday for Tornado Watches. I was suppose to speak but we all were sent home after the sacrament for safety:) We took "shelter" At the Sherwoods. This is Xiaver who we work with. A.K.A Jimmy Falon Jr. Last week he came to church for the first time in 9 years. He is a great!

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