Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy MLK

Hey family! 

Things are going swell in Madison. I don't have much time today. Just wanted to say I love y'all! 
This week has God was good to us and we were able teach many lessons straight on the street as we talked to people. Between being serenaded by drunk Baptists and getting yelled off of angry country mens property we had some sweet, dear, experiences.
Yesterday we were leaving an apartment complex and as I drove I saw a lady crossing the street in my rearview mirror and something subtle inside me said talk to her. So I stopped the car at the stop sign and I chased her down. We began to teach her the Restoration and tears streamed down her face in despire. She fights many demons and wolfs in this life. I looked at her brown eyes as I read a few things to her from the Book of Mormon. And I felt gratitude once again for Our Savior and the knowledge he gives us.

Another neat highlight happened last night when we were driving home last night a sister called me and told me news that made me want to cry. A few months ago I wrote home about a boy named Quan, who we stopped at and challenged him in Bball. And if we won he had to listen to us.... Sound familiar?? Quan is the winner now because he is getting baptized! I couldn't believe it. The work is pressing forward!

I love you and I love the Book of Mormon. There is truth in it. Keep reading. Thank you for being my best friends!

Sister Jackson

Not a bad place to live:)

We snapped this one foggy morning in a route to get our investigators ready for church.

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