Monday, August 22, 2016

God LOVES his children.

Hey Pals:) How lovely it is to hear your sweet voices every week via email! I am one happy girl:) I swear this week felt like a year of emotions and experiences crammed into 7 small days. The majority of this week was just pressing through exhaustion, disappointments, and internal pleadings. HOWEVER, with the weekend came the answers. Some of thee most humbling and profound moments of my life. 

We are teaching a member from Guatemala who has been ex-communicated twice hoping to come back and his Greek-Orthodox Romanian wife. The concerns and obstacles in his life run deeper than you could began to believe. And I felt so inadequate. Here a 19 year old girl, born and raised in the church. Yes I have had my own challenges but never on the level of this particular man. My mind was on this lesson all day Saturday and I knew how much he needed something God given.

When we first got to his house there almost felt like there was a tense cultural barrier in communication. They fed us a Romanian dish and the air lighten and we had a great time! We moved to the living room for a lesson and as soon as we sat down the spirit was there. The next 45 minutes were moments in my life completely above myself.  From the start, the very first word that came out of my mouth was not from me. I had been praying fervently for the past few months to let me be His servant. For God to give me the chance to be his mouthpiece and his hands in everything I do. To be led and guided in my actions and words. I just wanted to be HIS. COMPLETELY AND FULLY HIS.

 And for the first time I truly felt the Power and divinity within my calling as a Representative of Jesus Christ. I listened and understood more deeply than I ever have before. Never thinking of what i could say next or what he needed. WORDS. JUST. CAME. God gave me bold confidence through out that i would have never said to anyone in the way i did before my mission. Something that I never knew existed came out of me. The Lord worked through me like I have never seen nor herd. I am completely humbled to be his loving servant. The room was full of wet eyes and searching hearts. 

As a missionary there is an unbelievable difference teaching to a room full of seeking, genuine souls and a room of those who only draw close with their words. That night it could not have been more apparent whose souls they were. I wish so deeply you could have felt the spirit within that room. 

When I woke up yesterday i felt different. More purpose than I have ever felt here. The miracles KEPT coming. Our investigator who has been taught and dropped and taught for years came to church. At the end of the third hour, she broke down in tears. Thanking us over and over again for getting her here. And the changes she needed to make in her life. The church, despite its shortcomings, is filled with IMMENSE power and truth. I know it changes lives. 

The amount of good that comes from Christ's Restored Gospel will never end. Keep reading, keep searching, keep praying. He loves you andddd I love you:) 
Sending so much love!!

Sister Jackson

As far as I know I ate breaded deer meat for dinner last night..How i loveee the SOUTH.

 Rolll Tide Rolll every day here

Earlier this weeek stress was flyin high so I made sis Fletch write a list of things she can and can't control and drove her to the bay to rip up and set free the list of cants. Ha kind of silly but who doesn't love a good therapeutic exercise?:)

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