Monday, July 17, 2017

Gulf Breeze Loves Sister Sant

Happy Monday!!
This week was great. Sister Sant is my new companion from Washington State. She is ready to get out and work our butts off so i am just excited for all that this transfer will hold. 

Its heating up real quick here. Our AC is currently broke so weve been sleeping with ice packs. You do what you got to do for Florida. 

Ha one of our first lessons together was WILD. We met this lady on the street the day before and she was angry with God for taking her husband. She let us come and she had some unfriendly family who was leaving so we sat on their floor and waited. We taught the Plan of Salvation with a reaking garbage can between our heads and a little chubby 3 year old who was on a rampage the entire lesson. Her hands were busy between tearing our book of Mormon apart or down her pants that were too small to cover her little bum.
At one point she came tackling me from behind placing her entire hand in my mouth so much that i could taste it. Nasty. 
I put some good ol mouth wash to the test that day. 

I love it all. The crazy, exhaustion, and the sweet filled moments of the spirit where i can testify of the Savior. 

I recently have been doing the TG Jesus Christ study that Elder Nelson suggested last conference. Boy it has already impacted me. I love the Savior. And i feel of his power. Nothing is better than it. 

Thank you for being my best friends. 
So much love, Sister Jackson

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