Monday, July 24, 2017

Find Today's Miracle

Hello! Its a happy rainy day here in Florida this morning. Man. This week flew by. I cherish every day out here. 

This week i went to my very last zone conference as a full time missionary. It doesn't feel real. Sister Sant and I wrapped up the conference and workshops with the passion to find. It was tender to reminisce on how far a mission takes you. I got teary at the close of the conference as i testified with my heart about the Savior and the Master Healer that he is. 
He truly has the power to change the desires of our hearts and i have felt that first hand out here. 
We saw miracle after miracle this week. God is so good. His timing amazes me everyday with how and when we are led to good people every day. 

 Some miracles you have to dig a little deeper than others to see. One prompting from God i still laugh about. We were driving down the busy road and saw a lady about to cross it. As we kept driving the prompting didn't leave so we turned around parked at Starbucks and chased this lady across the parking lot only to have her not break stride as she told us to GO TO HELL! Ha we stopped dead in our tracks and told her to have a nice day. As we walked back to the car we knew that wasn't it. There is no way God took us this far to go home. We ended up knocking on the window of a ladies car and got her info to go back to see her. Moral of the Story KEEP SEARCHING:) Miracles only cease because we do. 

I have really felt an increase in my capacity to love this week. Something Sister Sant and I do now is every time we are rejected we walk to the edge of their sidewalk and say a prayer together for that individual. That there hearts may continue to soften for future missionaries and that God will not give up on them. Its been a powerful addition to this work!

I have 100 more ridiculously funny stories i wish i had all the day to tell you. In due time :)

I love you all!! Keep reading. Keep praying. Keep searching truth. 
Sister Jackson:)

Departing Sisters from the Zone

Sister Smith

                                               Sister Sant and I celebrating her year mark with some Thai. 

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