Monday, July 10, 2017

Blue Angel Week

This week was wonderfuly busy as usual. We had a inspiring MLC this week in Tallahasse. The spirit hit me hard with just how powerful this work and calling really is. How ready Heaven is ready to assist. It was a great reminder. 
I feel like my consecration and understanding of what this is all about is at its greatest poin in my whole mission. You wish you could be where you are now and have a year and a half all over to apply who you've become and the spirit you let guide. Its just the process of a mission though. It been through all the trial and error and experiences that have helped to this place. 

Yesterday it hit me again with just how in love with my life i am. There is nothing id rather be doing. I have felt the happiness the gospel brings evelope me this week. I am excited for next transfer. Ready to give all my heart and might to the end!

I excited for the upcoming adventures and memories with Sister Sant my new companion who will be coming to Gulf Breeze this week. 

I want to write off with something i read this week! We are not slaves to our circumstances.
How true that is. Whether spiritual or temporal. The Savior has all power to help create the lives and testimonies we need and desire no matter the conditions that surround. 
Sister Jackson

A member took us to see the blue angels and made took this great picture. They ROCK.

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