Monday, June 26, 2017

Dark Stormy Nights at Waffle House

Hey Yall. Happiest of Mondays. 
This week had some wild storms and memories. It is the small moments where time stands still and you just feel gratitude to be out here, that i live for now a days. 

One happened on an exchange with Sister Baker. Its been pouring buckets lately here. One evening after eating dinner it was getting late and we both were drenched head to toe from from the day. We swung into waffle house to try to tract down one of our former investigators who we lost contact with that works there. We ran in there drenched. It was late and only the workers were inside. We ended up contacting every one of the workers all with individual heart touching stories. One girl had dropped out of highschool to take care of her mom who passed away. Another lady was in tears with nostalgia from her journey with God. It felt so natural to testify and teach as if i were standing there talking with my friends from home. How i LOVE this work. Later on i realized friends from home they really were. 

Another cool experience happened at a door step where we were able to talk to a kid from California who was atheist and had no desire to know if there was a God. After an hour back and forth of questions from the heavens he was able to say his very first prayer in his life. 

Afterwards he said "im confused." "I don't understand why I just did what i did." The spirit is so cool. Surely we were accompanied by it that day. 

I love you. Thanks for being the absolute best. Jesus Christ loves and lives. Be bold for what you love!

Sister Jackson

ALSO if you have some spare minutes go give Dealing With Uncertainty by Bruce C. Hafen a read. One of my new favorite talks:) 

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