Saturday, April 2, 2016


HOLY COW. It literally feels like it has been 6 life times since I have seen you all! First off, thank you so much for your dear elders and your package!! Haha it is the best feeling in the world to hear the DL say my name at the end of the day. Mom I laughed so hard at what you sent me. It is a typical mom move and I loved it. I may just use those affirmation band aids cut or no cut. I'll go over what the MTC is like a bit! 

The first day I got here I thought of you boys because I was the last one to make it to my district haha. I also got pulled aside on my way in and received a few stern talks that I just love my family a lot and that is a good thing. Obviously that just turned me into more of a mess but it's comical I guess!  It is literally another world here. One of the coolest things is seeing all the different languages and countries here. There are two elders who call me Flo Rida (the rapper;)) because that's what they think I'm saying with my american accent. Also I have seen Kenz almost every day which rocks. I see friends from the BYU as well which is fun. Speaking of the Y, believe it or not, food DOES GET WORSE THAN THE CANNON. Hahah it blows my mind that people gain weight here. I've eaten a mediocre salad and a PB and J 3 times every day since I've been here. Haha but its alright I'll live. 

Mom we just watched the first session of the temple dedication in one of the buildings here. And you'd be proud because I joined the choir! We sang last night at the devotional and will sing this Sunday for Easter! ALSO I have 24/7 access to the snack room which just means more PB and Js and chocolate milk anytime I want! It is BOMB DIGGITY!!! Haha at first I felt bad dragging my comp there all the time because she likes to stick to a schedule but I hook her up big time! That's why she likes me so much;)

Church here they just call up two random people from the ward and they give a 5 minute talk! Of course I wouldn't prepare one before hand because who's got time for that and low and behold Sister Jackson was the first talk. Hahaha my district laughed because before that everyone was talking about their talk if they were to get called and I announced that I didn't do it!

My District is awesome. I love them a lot. It is just a bunch of quirky kids. We have really grown close though. I tell everyone we have a heartfelt district haha because many nights have turned into a girls camp type of night where everyone cries and pours the truths of their  deep soul hahah. There are just two other girls in the district and they room with my comp and I so I spend a lot of time with them as well Sister Perhson and Sister Garcia. My comp is great! Her name is Sister Davis. She's from West Bountiful and went to Legacy and Woods Cross. Let me tell you, she is a solid member of this church! She has known she has wanted to serve a mission and has gained a witness that this church is true at the age of 6. She never gets sick of spending every second with a comp  (something I have struggled with). Haha. We are so different and have very different senses of humor. But we get a long just fine.

Everything they say about the MTC is true. I have never been more tired in my life. I literally feel like it is 3 in the morning every day here. It is a hard schedule. And i havent been sleeping awesome so the whole 630 thing is still kickin me haha. 

I seriously am so grateful for all of your love and support! I truly am thee LUCKIEST missionary alive because of all of you!!! Dad your letters every night helped me more than you could ever imagine! And Cars your quotes were just what I needed. I know a lot of you don't know exactly what I'm experiencing but I could not thank you enough for the love and support you have been giving me!!! I feel like you guys are too good to be true. My heart could not love you more!!!!

xoxo Sister Jackson:) 

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