Monday, March 20, 2017


MAN. I live a good life. This week was nothing less than hectic but, the absolute best. I hit my year mark last week and it is a little surreal. So many laughs, tears, heartaches, faith-trying and faith-promoting experiences. So many days full of exhaustion and devotion. So many countless days on my knees. So many lessons learned about myself and inner battles and victories through the Savior.  So, so many tender mercies and people I adore with my whole heart.  

Sylvia was baptized on Saturday. It was tender to watch her son, who was once taken and raised in the branch due to the drug environment, become a member, serve a mission and come back to baptize his momma. The Gospel of Jesus Christ elevates us to our divine potential with courage. That I know.

Every heart wrenching, exhausting, lonely day out here is completely worth it. They do not compare in the slightest for the joy that is felt for people like Syliva. I have hope and gratitude in my heart for this Gospel. I love my Savior. It is hard not to love someone who loved you first. How much more fully I have come to know him personally over this past year. I would not give that up for the world.

I know God answer prayers. It amazes me in the way He does, but he does. Never have I felt such fulfillment and purpose in my life than on my mission. And the cool thing is we should always create our lives to feel that. How lucky we are to know what creates that. It is the Savior and His Gospel. What a beautiful life WE LIVE!
Sending you so much love!

Sister Jackson:)

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